Working for full equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people of Wisconsin
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While it may be hard to believe, those pro-discrimination groups seem to forget that we are not only human beings with careers and faith lives, but that we have families which include our own children! This site will not only help provide you and other allies with information on threats to our families, but will also help acquaint those that may need it with the facts!

Protecting OUR families is our number one priority.

And that can only be accomplished when bans like the one being considered here in Wisconsin have been defeated. Until then, our families, our children our futures are legally at great risk.

We fight for the very rights straight families take for granted every day. Like the ability for both parents to be recognized as legal parents to their child(ren), the automatic ability for a surviving spouse to continue parenting upon the death of their partner, the ability for both parents to equally take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, spousal heath care benefits, the ability to make medical decisions for our children or for our spouse if one parents becomes incapacitated, the ability to have legal grounds against hostile extended family members who challenge a parent's will or medical wishes, and the list goes on and on.

If this ban passes, the few legal benefits that LGBT families are able to contractually mimic (for a price) will be stripped from us. Protecting OUR families--nothing could motivate us more.